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Not really using this blog to post updates anymore…

Not really using this blog to post updates anymore… To find more information on this project please visit






Just got in the ECU…

Engine is now in the car. One step closer.

Below are some pictures of the Subaru WRX STi turbo engine inside of the Corvair. The Porsche 915 transaxle is also mounted.

More pictures of the Corvair Subframe – designed by Scott

More updates coming soon

I should hopefully have more pics this weekend. If you have been following this blog and have facebook feel free to add me.!/profile.php?id=603384781

Engine harness and engine mounts

Scott has finished fabricating the engine harness and the engine mounts from look like they are going to fit perfectly. Just need to get the engine harness powder coated. Below is a gallery of the engine brackets and engine harness.