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Headers came in… They look great…. Time to get the motor in

The headers came in and they look great… compact to fit in the Corvair, but high flow and a port for the EGT sensor… Now we can get the motor mounted

“Our stainless steel heliarc welded header was designed to be as compact as possible for strength and has great ground clearance. Fits Subaru 2.2L turbo and the WRX 2.0L turbo engines in a Vanagon or for that matter most any vehicle with our style of engine mount.  Comes complete with a port for the EGT sensor.” –


Engine mounts…

We found engine mounts that will work in our application without having them fabricated.. they are at a good price and come powder coated…

engine mount brackets –
engine mounts outter (need 2) –
engine mounts inner (need 2) –
header pipe –

header pipe gaskets (need 2) –
A corvair clutch pedal assembly.

Porsche 911 transaxle mounted to a Subaru 2.0 Twin Turbo EJ20TT for my Corvair….

The engine is mounted to the transaxle using the Kennedy adapter. Below are some pics..

Everything is going well…

Everything is going well so far… as you can see from the latest picture (below this post) posted on April 5th that the Corvair and the Porsche 911 transaxle has been transported to the shop. Scott has a basic design for the motor mounts and has done some thorough measuring. It seems as if there is less cutting than we have expected. I am still worried about how low the oil pan will be.

I have some pictures and plan on updating the blog this weekend.

The Corvair on it’s way to Indianapolis.

Kennedy Transaxle / Engine Adapter should be here next week.

The Kennedy adapater should be here next week. This adapts the Subaru engine to the Porsche 915 transaxle.

Stage 1 racing clutch kit …

Stage 1 Porsche 915 clutch should be here next week!!! This clutch can take over 500+Hp