The reason why we are going with a Porsch 915 is obvious. It is a VERY strong transaxle. It should be able to handle 200Hp all day long. The 915 should be able to handle the max power of 250Hp that the Corvair will throw at it every once in a while, but will tear up the transmission over time. So I will have to have a light foot with the occasional burn out đŸ˜‰

The good thing about the Porsche 915 is the fact that it can be upgraded to hold any amount of torque you want. It just costs time and money. So to keep the project on budget we are putting in a stock 915 transmission and next summer we will hop it up to handle more Hp.


4 Responses to “Porsche 915”

  1. 1 corvairturbo April 5, 2010 at 8:22 am

    The Porsche 915 transaxle is at the shop waiting for the adapter kit.

  2. 2 Mike Svinth May 7, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    I am also putting a suby in a corvair. I was advised by Transaxle Engineering that the corvair IRS uses a u-joint drive axle which transmits rear wheel side loads to the transaxle. They said the corvair transaxle was designed to handle these side loads but the 915 and VW091 6 rib are not and will eventually fail if an additional strut or control arm is not added to pick up these side loads.
    Have you attempted to solve this problem and if so, how?

    • 3 corvairturbo August 15, 2010 at 2:27 am

      I think I already know the answer to this, but I will run it by Scott. He is the engineering brains behind the project.

    • 4 corvairturbo August 15, 2010 at 2:32 am

      Below is what Phil Dally had in mind. This is from my post on … If you want more information go to Corvair Center and make a post… I would be interested to see the responses you get… I will still run this by Scott, but I remember him mentioning a hybrid approach such as Phil mentions…. (Porsche CV joints, Vair susp).

      “My plan for 200 MPH from the beginning was engineer a 915 into the racecar.

      “I’m running 3:55 gears and when it’s all working I’m hitting 7K+ RPM at the trap. There are still 3:27 & 3:08 gears to go so that’s not an issue. I do have an idea for an OD gear. The 70’s style Porsche 911 transaxle (called the 915 gearbox) has the same bellhousing as VW. The standard VW to Corvair adaptor works and wouldn’t take a lot to engineer that drivetrain into the car. The t-xle is good for at least 350 HP and I don’t bang the clutch so its plenty strong. But until I hit oh say 175 MPH it wont be needed. That is my plan for the first ever 200 MPH Corvair. There is only 3 of us that believe in 200…are you in? I’ve got all the parts for a 500HP 183 cube tri-port T-4 turbo alcohol motor…but I’ve got unfinished business with my stock configuration set-up for now.”

      Just hang the 915 in the car and build axles out to the vair suspension.

      Porsche CV joint inboard and Corvair u-joint outboard.

      If you build two extra lateral links it becomes a parallelogram IRS.

      Then the new axles could be slip splined and you could really make it handle.”

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