Information about the Subaru JDM engine used in the project. 

This can refer to one of the 2.0 Litre DOHC Sequential Twin Turbo and intercooled engines (EJ20H/EJ20R/EJ206/EJ208). Yet like EJ20T, it is not actually a valid code used by Subaru themselves. Used from 1994-2005 in various iterations. The engine puts out about 242Hp. I purchased this motor from Tiger Japanese along with the ECU and engine harness. The engine is currently at Scott’s garage in Indianapolis. The engine is almost ready to go with a few small parts that need to be replaced, such as the intercooler hose adapter. We are waiting to hear back from Tiger Japanese as to when they will send the replacements.

The reason why Scott chose the EJ20 turbo is due to the fact that the engine resembles a Corvair engine in size and weight. Both engines are aluminum which sheds off some major weight from the vehicle. There seems to be enormous support for this engine through the Subaru forums and many companies sell bolt on engine upgrades.


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